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What We Offer

What We Offer

At Whistling Woods International Virtual Academy, we offer you the best courses across the creative arts in collaboration with leaders from the industry. These classes are designed to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you want to follow a structured course or learn at leisure, you have the option to do so. We offer three types of classes at Whistling Woods International Virtual Academy.

Advanced Certificate

Want to learn more about the Creative Arts but not sure where to start? Our Advanced Certificate Programs are meant for you. Our Advanced Certificate Programs follow a curriculum & structure crafted by experts at Whistling Woods International and is the closest thing to an actual classroom. You will build a network of similar minded learners by gaining access to the Alumni of Whistling Woods and access to campus for specialized workshops.

Certificate Programs

These certificate courses have been designed & prepared by the renowned faculty of Whistling Woods International. The learning has been made flexible for students to approach the programs at their own pace, given other commitments of time. It is the perfect way to pursue your time -bound passions.

Industry Interactions

Whistling Woods is known for its Industry expert interactions and Q&A sessions from the legends of creative arts who share their immense bank of experience and knowledge with the student. With this option, you can access recordings of the sessions from celebrity lecturers and learn directly from these craftsmen.