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Virtual academy: filmmaking decoded

“Film-making is a chance to live many lifetimes” – Robert Altman

After watching a movie, have you ever sat and wondered all that went into the making of that movie. Did it ever spark a sense of curiosity of why a scene was played out the way it did? How that particular background score evoked a certain emotion in you or how the scene was lit or shot to convey the undertones of the film? Well, there is more to filmmaking than meets the eye. From the story to casting, from music to special effects there are many aspects in the filmmaking process to consider.

Whether you have been dreaming of becoming a filmmaker since years or an enthusiast who is looking to update your skills since we are in a highly competitive visual media space, our filmmaking course is aimed at making you an adept filmmaker.With our self-paced online learning modules, workshops and access to Industry experts interactions and Q&A sessions, we give you the flexibility and comfort you need to stimulate your mind and hone your creativity

If you have been toying with the idea of taking up an online filmmaking course, we are happy to decode why Virtual Academy is the best place for you to start. There are no pre-requisites to signing up for our courses; the intent is all we require.


Our filmmaking course is 60 hours long and can be completed in one year. As they are self-paced modules, you can navigate it as per your learning style and pace. The course does require you to put in a minimum of 2-3 hours per week to study and complete your assignments.


Upon completing the course you will be given an Advanced Certificate Program in Filmmaking. A copy of the certificate will be made available to you over email; you could also collect the original certificate from our Mumbai Campus.


Financial Aid
Our course fee is INR 160,000 (including taxes) and we offer flexibility to pay it. However, we also understand that at times, our aspirations and dreams are the only way out for achieving personal financial freedom and hence we also offer zero-cost EMIs. Please reach out to us to understand more about it.


Hone your skills and get creative with new perspectives from the experts in the field of filmmaking. Through the course of the program, reach out to experienced faculty members and industry experts to guide and nurture you. We believe that continual guidance along the learning path has many proven benefits.


Alumnus & Alumni Access
After the completion of your courses, you will be lauded as an alumnus of Whistling Woods and will be granted access to our alumni database for you to connect and network.


Specialized Workshops
Workshops provide an interactive outlet for learning and exposure, with our course; you will be granted access to workshops that we organize at the Whistling Woods Mumbai Campus. It is an opportunity for you to learn from the very best in the industry


Live Sessions
While our online course provides structure and covers all the bases, we strongly believe that interactions with experts go a long way in shaping your ideas and concepts. Our live sessions every quarter are customized to cater to the modules you have chosen. We work with our experienced faculty members and industry experts to curate these live sessions.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Our philosophy is based on teaching a man how to fish so that he will never go hungry again. We understand the tools and applications you require to be adept at filmmaking and hence we have collaborated with Adobe to offer our students a 50% discount on Adobe Premier Pro, which you can avail during your course.


Access to content
Our program needs to be completed in a years’ time from enrollment. However, if due to extenuating circumstances that you are unable to complete it, please discuss it with us to see if an extension can be granted for you to complete the course in the second year. Extension cases are reviewed thoroughly and granted to students on case-to-case basis. Hence our content can be accessed for up to 2 years.


Industry Interactions
During your course, you will have access to our Whistling Woods library of Industry interactions for one full year. This access will grant you to learn from the very best in the industry.

If you have a passion for filmmaking, we assure you that we have an equally rewarding and enriching program curated for you. To know more about our programs, please reach out to us on: