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Online education: why you must try this new way of learning

Back in the day, the only way to seek education was by attending long and boring classes. Learning often felt more like a punishment which the students wanted to get over with. But fast forward to the present times; education has undergone a sea of change with the advent of online courses. Thanks to the power of the web, online learning is becoming all the rage, be it with college students or corporate learners and contributes to career advancement and better job opportunities for anyone who opts for it.

These are most definitely interesting times we live in. And online education is clearly the next big thing in the field of education. Let’s see why.


Ease of access
Instead of sitting in a classroom, students from around the globe can get connected to their professors and classmates in no time. This mode of learning includes online lecture videos and study notes that students can get access to and even share, anywhere and at any time. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you’re good to go!


Affordable option
Online learning fees are way more affordable than actual college tuition fees. Also, there are no commuting expenses involved in the case of online education. Often, many course-related books are also available online – free of cost- thus cutting down on your book expenses. So, students can find plenty of affordable online degrees and courses offered by IITs, MIT and other prestigious universities from around the world.


Variety of courses
Online education offers you a variety of programs and degrees. From the traditional three-year college degrees to master and doctorate in any subject from psychology to quantum physics, e-learning has it all. Now, you can find any program of your choice and get a degree in the respective subject online! If you wish to advance in the creative line of art, music, filmmaking, or dancing, Whistling Woods Virtual Academy is the place for you. Founded by Subhash Ghai, we offer you education and practical knowledge from professors who are best in their fields. On Virtual Academy, you get universal access to our online programs, allowing students to explore specific aspects of creativity and hone their skills for a better tomorrow.


Flexibility and convenience
Online programs and degrees have been designed for students who want more flexibility. This helps them to plan their study time around the rest of their day, and not the other way round. E-learning allows you to learn in your own time. If you’re working, this mode of learning is highly convenient as you improve your skills while being home and resting in your sweatpants! Since most books related to the courses are available online, you don’t even have to make special library trips. This allows students to balance their education with full/part-time jobs or family commitments.


Career advancement
Since e-learning offers a degree of flexibility and accessibility never seen before, it’s popular with both professionals and students. Online education offers professional development to advance your career. In today’s busy lifestyle, most people have no time to go back to school to get more degrees for job promotion and advancement. Online learning is thus a great way to advance your career without going back to school – and, of course, at a fraction of the cost.

It is obvious that online education makes life easy. You can study from anywhere in the world and pace your education as per your convenience. When you don’t feel like studying, you can schedule your lectures for a later time. This flexibility does not sap one’s motivation to study, facilitating effective learning. Whistling Woods Virtual Academy offers online programs that will help in training students in dance, music, filmmaking, and painting. We believe in self-expression and creative professionals who think outside the box. If you want to explore your hobby and passion with us, contact us right away by clicking here.