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How to pursue your passion while working full time?

Do you sometimes feel like you are not doing what you are meant to do? That your passion lies elsewhere from your profession? You’re not alone. It takes a lot of time and struggle to make a career out of passion, especially if it is non-conventional like writing, filming, acting or singing. Luckily, you don’t have to make the difficult choice between following your passion and maintaining your full-time job right away. You can easily continue working towards your passion, build your portfolio, and gradually move towards a career that’s rewarding in terms of both, money and satisfaction.


Common challenges with a full-time job
If you’ve been burying your passion and working a full-time job to pay the bills, these are some common challenges you might have come across.

No time – One of the primary challenges most full-time workers face is the lack of any spare time to give to their passion.

Finances – The reason why most people choose a joyless job is to pay the bills. Quitting the job could mean a plug in the source of income.

No flexibility – If you decide to take up a course to pursue your passion, a full-time job may not offer the flexibility to do so.

Limited scope to learn – With a full-time job, the scope to learn and grow is often limited for most people.


Some smart solutions:

Keep your passion alive
Whether you want to make it big as a photographer or a scriptwriter, you need to work on your passion despite your full-time job. Consider taking online classes over the weekend or practising every day for half an hour. Virtual Academy offers you courses in filmmaking, fashion, design, and music. You can also join online communities and network with creative people for better growth.


Set specific goals and deadlines
If you’re feeling overwhelmed about achieving your dreams, it may be because you don’t have specific goals and deadlines. Break down your goals into smaller and specific action plans. For instance, write one chapter by the end of the month if your goal is to become an author.


Rediscover recess time
Remember how you used to complete your homework in school during the breaks? Why not take some time out during your lunch break at work for your hobby or passion? You can watch tutorial videos related to your passion or read up some articles to get insights. With Virtual Academy, you can access the full video library of masterclasses from the industry experts anywhere.


Make it a priority
If you want to eventually transform your passion into a career, you’ll need to set aside some time in your schedule to make it enjoyable and sustainable. For instance, if you’re a morning person, you can wake up half an hour early to work on your passion. Or keep half a Saturday to only focus on it. For those who like burning the midnight oil, you can unwind and channel your creative ideas after work.

Lastly, remember that passionate pursuits can take time to develop so be patient and consistent with your efforts.