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How to master making a YouTube Video – 6 tips for beginners

Did you know, YouTube is the second most popular social media network and the most popular streaming platform in the world? India ranks in at the second position when it comes to YouTube viewership and this number is increasing by the hour. Every day, thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube, but as we all know not every video makes a mark.

Here are 6 tips to help you ensure that you create an applause worthy video each time that stands out on the platform.


1. Intent of the video
First and foremost, it’s extremely important to lay down the intent of your video. What you want to achieve from your video, will help you plan it perfectly. A video content broadly falls under one of the below mentioned categories

    • To Entertain- a video that engages to trigger an emotion in them for people to like, share or comment on the video.
    • To Educate- If you want to teach a skill or impart any kind of education
    • To Create Awareness- if you want to bring people’s attention to something in particular and raise awareness.


2. Planning the video
Once your intent is clear, you get down to other planning details like, who your target audience is, what exactly you want to communicate, the length of your video, where will you shoot your video, will there be more people in your video etc. Preparing a script for your video is another important aspect of your planning. Before you start shooting, you need to know how and what you would be speaking about. If your video doesn’t have sound, and is backed by text, that too forms part of your screenwriting.


3. Choosing and preparing your equipment
Before you head out straight and hit the record button on your camera, be mindful of all the equipment you may need for your video to look flawless. Because it’s not just the camera, but elements like the mic, lights, tripods etc. that you would need too. Whether it’s making a video for YouTube or a film, choosing the right equipment is imperative for a flawless production.


4. Get, Set, Shoot
Once you have decided on all the above, it would be finally time to shoot your video. Prepare your scenes, place your equipment, check your lighting, camera angles, mic, sound etc. and voila, hit the record button. Framing and composition of your video is very important. Try and run a test shoot for a few minutes and see if you would want to make any changes in your background or settings. Don’t be nervous, if anything goes a little wrong, you can always work on it later. The test shoot will help you improvise on the spot and get you the almost perfect footage of your shoot.


5. Editing your video
Now once you have the raw footage, editing it to make a seamless and crisp video is very important. Depending upon the camera you have shot with and your knowledge of editing, choose your editing software carefully. A lot of vloggers choose to edit their videos with phone apps as well, whatever may be the case, a sound editing knowledge is the key to a great video. When starting the editing process, bear these things in mind:

    • Right sequencing of the videos is where you start video editing. Arrange the videos in sequence of events that occur in your video.
    • Add your intro and exit slides, wherein the intro slide could be the title of the video and exit slide could be about you or the team involved.
    • Add text or supers wherever required to make your video easy and simpler to understand.
    • Pay special attention on the sound design and music. Music should complement the overfall theme of the video
    • Removing unnecessary footage is one of the key factors when editing the video. Be mindful of what you keep and what you delete so that you have a seamless yet a crisp and meaningful video.

Once you are done with the editing, re-run a couple of times and check your video for any errors and also try and show to a few close friends or family to seek their suggestions.


6. Marketing the video
Once you have made and uploaded your video, getting the audience to see it, share it, like it or comment on it is the most challenging task. And this is where marketing the video plays a very important role. Use social media to your strength and share the video on as many platforms as possible. Apart from your personal profile, you can also share the video on relevant Facebook groups to reach a wider audience. Get your friends and families to watch, like and comment on the video in the first few minutes and urge them to share it further with their peers.


If the content and quality of your video is good, it can reach to a huge audience in no time, if not, do not loose heart and keep trying. Don’t stop making the next video just because the previous one did not get as many views as you expected. Uploading regular content and being consistent in making good videos is the ultimate key to success.

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