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Five reasons why you should learn film-making from Virtual Academy

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul” – Dieter.F.Uchtdorf

The creative process of making a film can be enriching and challenging at the same time. As it includes a series of processes from start to finish and it is possible that if you miss or fail to do something right the whole project can face the ramifications. It is for this reason that having a solid foundation in film-making from a reputed school is imperative.

Our course is tailored to meet the demands of cinema in the future – whether it is nurturing your ideas and setting you on the path of success or equipping you with all the resources and tools you would need to pursue your dream.

For all film-making enthusiasts who are facing the ‘To enroll or not to enroll’ conundrum, here are five reasons why you should learn film-making from Virtual Academy.


1. Credibility
As the online wing of India’s leading film school, Whistling Woods, Virtual Academy offers customized courses curated by experts and taught by experienced professionals to give you an edge to pursue your filmmaking dream. Having a certificate from Virtual Academy, helps you get recognition and elevates your opportunities in the industry. On completing the course, you will get a certificate recognizing your efforts from Virtual Academy.


2. Convenience & Resources
Everyone should be able to pursue the passion and by enrolling in our online film-making course you will be able to study at your pace and convenience. The 60-hour course can be completed over one year. During your course, you will have access to our Whistling Woods library of Industry interactions for one full year. This access will grant you to learn from the very best in the industry.


3. Experts
Curated and taught by experts, your learning will be filled with enriching stories and experiences that will help you find perspective and gain new ideas. When you enroll in the film-making course, you will also have access to the Workshops and Industry experts interactions and Q&A sessions that Whistling Woods organizes in association with experts from the industry to give you real insight.


4. Affordable
Our course fee is INR 160,000 (including taxes) and we offer flexibility to pay it. However, we also understand that at times, our aspirations and dreams are the only way out for achieving personal financial freedom and hence we also offer zero-cost EMIs. Please reach out to us to understand more about it. Also, we have collaborated with Adobe to offer our students a 50% discount on Adobe Premier Pro which you can avail during your course.


5. Mentorship
Listen to the experts, be inspired by successful industry professionals and learn from the shared experiences of our alumnus. To help you get the most out of your film-making course, we organize live sessions with industry experts to get an understanding of cinema real-time. Leverage our mentorship programs to be guided by industry professionals and develop your niche and earn an edge over others. Network and make your connections with access to the Whistling Woods alumni database.

If you have a passion for film-making, we assure you that we have an equally rewarding and enriching program curated for you. To know more about our programs, please reach out to us on