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Five myths of film making

“The best thing that young film-makers can do is to get a camera and make a movie of any kind.” – Stanley Kubrick

As with any profession, there are many myths to film making. Myths provide a path to purpose, brings us together and makes sense of our lives, however, it is important to look past these myths, go forth and make films.

As an aspiring film-maker, here are five myths you should look past.


Myth 1.Making a film is expensive
There are ingenious filmmakers, who spend a minimal amount on their films yet manage to churn out a quality product. You don’t need to have the latest gear or technology; great films can be made on a budget too. Don’t let your movie budget stifle your passion for telling your story.


Myth 2.You can do it alone
Film making is a team effort. Different perspectives and life experiences enrich a story, so collaborate with people who bring in varied expertise and approach. If you have a great story, people will be more than willing to be a part of the process.


Myth 3.Talent alone will help you break-through
Film making requires talent, but that alone will not help. A good
film-maker needs to have strong business acumen. Since movies call for huge investment – be it in terms of production costs, remuneration, marketing, having a sound business sense will make sure that your project is greenlit.


Myth 4.You can fix it in Post-Production
The best way to fix a shot is when you are in the pre-production stage. Spend your time planning production – get into the details of each scene, each character so that you have everything you need for the shoot.


Myth 5.Being famous gets you noticed
While popular film-makers do create stunning work, it is not that every video with a million hits is shot by famous people. Being famous is not important, what is critical is to tell a story that is relevant and impactful. In today’s social media era, film-makers have a unique advantage to garner an audience and share their work with the world.

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