filmmaking style

Find your filmmaking style with these 5 tips!

In a world saturated with the arts, never has it been more important to find your inimitable style as a filmmaker, something that makes your film entirely yours. We’ve listed a few tips to help you find your filmmaking “voice”!


1) Learning
This involves a two-pronged approach; discovering where your artistic inclination lies and mastering the technical skills required for you to realise your vision. Once you know where your passion lies, the technical know-how can make your dream become a reality. And if you put in the time and effort into honing your knowledge of various artistic fields, your film will be all that more nuanced.


2) Practise
As cliche as it might sound, practise really does make perfect. The only way you’ll discover your voice as a filmmaker, is by constantly making films, by trying out different techniques and by learning what does and doesn’t work for you. With the plethora of technology available today, including inexpensive digital cameras or even your smartphone, there’s no excuse not to start filming!


3) Keep your team in the loop
A film is a team effort, there’s no two ways about that. As a director, if you want your vision to come to fruition, you need to make sure your team understands the goals and strategies. The entire crew, from the cast to the cinematographer needs to be on the same page for your final product to look seamless. As with most things, effective communication is key!


4) Don’t hold back your personality
A film can be a medium of self-expression if you let it. Don’t be afraid to show your thoughts and ideas through your films; these have the potential to be your biggest differentiator, helping you stand out from the crowd.


5) Experiment with various techniques
Keeping yourself updated with the latest techniques and trends and figuring out what works best for you is a key step in finding your voice. The more you experiment, the easier it will be for you to lock down on the combination of tools and techniques that work best for you.


Our course on direction will take you through a detailed process on how to find your style!