1. What is WWI Virtual Academy?

WWI Virtual Academy is the E-learning arm of Whistling Woods International providing Online learning programs across creative arts. Merging technology and our teaching methodology, we create an immersive learning experience.

2. What programs does WWI Virtual Academy offer?

WWI Virtual Academy offers Advanced Certificate & Certificate Programs across various fields of the creative arts. There are 3 formats in which the programs are offered, you can read more about them in the
What We Offer page.

3. Who should take courses on WWI Virtual Academy?
  • For the Industry Interaction programs, enthusiasts of all ages are welcome.
  • For the Advanced Certificate and Certificate programs, students should have cleared cleared Xth grade or equivalent
4. How will the courses on WWI Virtual Academy help me?

We understand that there are several individuals who are aspirants of a career in the creative arts like film, fashion, design, music etc. but have two primary trepidations that hold back their pursuit of career-education in filmmaking.

  • One is that not everyone is able to dedicate their time on a full-time basis for this, given various realities of professional / student life.
  • The second is that they are unsure and unaware of how creatively inclined they are and whether said field is ‘for them’, since their exposure and hence their level of awareness of both the theory and applications of such knowledge is limited.
5. What browser requirements should my device fulfil for an optimum learning experience?

Please click on Browser requirements.

6. Which devices support the WWI Virtual Academy?

You can access courses on the WWI Virtual Academy from computers, tablets and mobile phones that run on Android and iOS.

7. I would like to speak to someone. Who may I contact?

You can write to us on virtualacademy@whistlingwoods.net or call us on +91(0)22-62716067 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.from Monday to Saturday. We will not be working on Public holidays.

8. What type of learning can I expect?

WWI Virtual Academy offers a self-paced online video-based learning. The learning shall involve an introduction to the subject matter, understanding of the various components of the subject along with using practical examples to gain a better understanding of the concepts, theories and practical implementation.

  • The Advanced Certificate Programs are taught in batches (typically 10-15) to enhance peer-to-peer learning experience, building a network and follows a specific schedule for a particular batch. It involves extensive testing protocols and mentorship ensuring students have the optimum online learning experience.
  • The Module certification programs are a solo endeavor by the user. There are no assessments or pre-requisites to the programs
  • The Industry Interactions library consists of Masterclass lessons from the legends of creative arts who share their immense bank of experience and knowledge with the student. With this option, you can access recordings of the sessions from celebrity lecturers and learn directly from these craftsmen.
9. What are the benefits of peer learning?

Every peer group is a close-knit community with an average size of 5 to 15 participants. Participants will work with their peers through a series of activities such as class discussions, project work, private peer group study, peer reviews etc. Through these activities, participants are expected to develop their skills in working collaboratively and effectively with others as well as giving and receiving feedback. In addition, participants will find it beneficial to get to work with different peers, so they can learn from different perspectives as well as expand their network.

10. What type of certification will I get at the end of the program?
  • On successful completion of all topics of a Certificate or Advanced Certificate program, you shall receive a certificate of completion from Whistling Woods International
11. Are there any eligibility criteria for these programs?

No, there is no eligibility criteria to undertake the programs. You do not need a specific background or knowledge to do the programs.

12. What data does WWI Virtual Academy have about me?

The information collected from users and visitors to www.wwivirtualacademy.com is described in the Privacy Policy. We require personal information only in limited circumstances as described in the Privacy Policy.

As explained in the Privacy Policy, cookies and other technologies are used to track information about your activity on the wwi virtual academy website (for example, which pages were visited), as well as system and browser data. We also use this information to improve our course offerings.

13. Does WWI Virtual Academy collect biometric data?

No, at this point neither WWI Virtual Academy nor any of our data processing vendors collect any data or conducts any specific technical processing (e.g., no 3D faceprint technology) of any photos or videos (including remote proctoring) that would qualify as biometric.

14. Does WWI Virtual Academy sell or give my personal information to advertisers?

No, we do not sell or otherwise give your personal data to advertisers. Learner information is used only as described in the Privacy Policy.

15. Does WWI Virtual Academy use cookies or tracking technologies and/or share my information with any vendors?

Yes, as noted above and explained in the Privacy Policy, cookies and tracking technologies are used to help track activity on the website and in courses, and we work with several service providers that help run our website and carry out daily business activities.


1. How do I enroll for a program I am interested in?

You can visit the program page and click on the Enrol now button and proceed to make the payment. Once payment is successfully done, you will be sent a mail with the receipt of your payment. You will receive access to the course material on the course launch date available on the website. If you face any issues to access the course, please write to us on VirtualAcademy@whistlingwoods.net

2. Is there a time limit on the accessibility of the programs?

The access to the Advanced Certificate programs are for 2 year and access to the Certificate programs are for 1 year

3. How do I enroll myself into multiple programs?

You can visit multiple program pages and click the “Enrol Now” button. Once done, you can go to view my cart and make payments for the chosen programs.

4. How do I un-enroll myself from a program?

You can unenroll from a program by sending us a request on VirtualAcademy@whistlingwoods.net Please note that no requests for refunds will be entertained once the payment for the course is complete.

5. Can I audit the program before deciding to apply?

You can visit the course page to review the details and curriculum of the program. Along with that, there is an Intro video to every program to give the users an idea about the content of the program and what can they expect to learn out of it. Apart from this, we do not provide the users with any auditing of the program prior to application. However, we do hold events across there year in specific places where you may be invited to try the programs. Subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages to be updated.

6. How many hours per week will I be required to dedicate to the program?
  • For our Advanced Certificate programs, we expect a commitment of 2 to 3 hours per week. Lessons and homework are scheduled on a weekly basis.
  • For our Certificate programs, there is no such specified limit. You may choose to learn at your own pace. It may help to note that our Module programs expire within 1 year of registration.
7. What kind of projects and assignments will I get to work on?
  • The Advanced Certificate programs will include MCQs, Essay based questions, case studies, open ended questions, group discussions and group assignments.
  • The Module Certificate programs do not include any assignments.
8. How will I submit my projects and assignments?

All projects will be submitted online on the learning platform.

9. Can I download the videos in the programs?

The videos are not available for download. However, you can watch any of the videos as many times as you want by login-in into your account within the given access period.


1. What should I do if I am facing a problem while making the payment?

If your payment is not processed and the amount is not deducted from your bank account, then please try again. There might be a network issue. However, if payment has been made and the amount has been deducted from your bank account and you have not received your transaction details or payment confirmation, or email intimation then please write us an email with all the details on VirtualAcademy@whistlingwoods.net

2. What should I do if I am facing an issue while accessing my courses?

Please write us an email with the problem you are facing on VirtualAcademy@whistlingwoods.net with all the details including date of payment, confirmation mail, order number etc.

3. What kind of bandwidth do video lectures require?

Our minimum bandwidth requirement is 2Mbps. However, for a better experience, a connection of 3 Mbps or higher would be ideal.

4. I see strange characters or code when I launch the video. What is wrong?

This can happen when you have JavaScript disabled. Here is how to check if this is the issue, and fix your settings:

  • Launch the Settings application.
  • From the Settings application tab on Safari.
  • Scroll down and make sure that JavaScript and Plug-ins are set to ON.
  • If they were set to ON already make sure that Accept Cookies is set to From Visited.
  • If that was already set as well, tap the Clear History, Clear Cookies and Clear Cache-buttons below that. You will need to confirm each operation.
5. Clear cache and cookies?

If you’re having a technical issue, you may be able to resolve it by clearing your cache and cookies.

Clearing your cache and cookies can help resolve issues like:

-Incorrect or missing content on your Accomplishments page

-Incorrect or missing course progress

-Incorrect or missing courses in your Enrollments


Clear your cache & cookies on a Mac computer and / or a Windows computer:

-Open your internet browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

-At the same time, press Command-Shift-Delete.

Clear your cache & cookies using browser settings:

Most internet browsers have menu options that let you clear your cache and cookies. For help with clearing your cache and cookies in a specific browser, check this article. (hyperlink to the article)

Try an incognito browser:

If you don’t want to clear your cache and cookies, you can also try using a private or incognito browser.


1. What are the payment methods?

You can pay your fees via net-banking, credit card, debit card and PayPal.

2. Is there any finance aid available?

Financial aid is available for select programs in the form of no cost EMI options. Click here to refer the details of EMI options available to you and how you can avail the same.

3. Are there any scholarships offered for the programs?

There are no scholarships offered for the programs.

4. What is the refund policy?

Once payment is made, we do not make any refunds or accept any cancellations. Please refer to the T&C of this website.

5. How will I get a copy of my payment receipts?

A confirmation mail with purchase details shall be sent to your email address upon successful payment.

6. Where can I see my payment history?

The payment receipts are mailed to you. If you have purchased multiple courses and you want to check your payment history, then please mail us with your request on VirtualAcademy@whistlingwoods.net


1. Is there any advantage to applying early?

Yes, it is an advantage to apply early if you are ready. Early application can ensure that you will receive the application’s outcome earlier and alleviate any anxiety of last-minute submission applicants usually have. However, it is advised not to rush your application. You may wish to spend the time necessary to have a well-prepared application before submission

2. Do you have any restrictions on the number of participants from a country for international participants in your selection process?

No. At Virtual Academy, we look for quality in participants rather than quantity. We value qualified individual from different places of the world as we believe they will bring different perspectives to the classroom.

3. Do I need to be employed to apply for the program?

No, you need not be employed to enroll for any of our programs.

4. Can I submit a physical application instead of doing it online?

All applications need to be submitted through our online system unless instructed otherwise. If you face any technical difficulty with accessing the online system, please email virtualacademy@whistlingwoods.net for further assistance.

5. What should I do if I have technical issue while applying online?

Please email your email to our Technical Team at virtualacademy@whistlingwoods.net


1. Will the application fee be refunded if I do not join & complete the program?

No, application fee is non-refundable.

2. What is included in the program fee?

The program fee covers tuition, learning materials, access to technology-enabled pedagogies, case studies, team exercises. For the offline workshops at Whistling Woods International, please note that participants will need to pay for their own air fares, accommodations and general expenses while on campus.

3. Are there any scholarships offered for the program?

At present, there are no scholarships for the program.

4. Is there any participant loan available at for the courses?

Our Academy programs have online loans available, click here for details. Any course with a value of over INR 10,000 is eligible to apply.

5. If I cancel the program, am I eligible for a refund?

Virtual Academy has a fair policy in place for refund of payments made.

For refund pertaining to withdrawal due to non-delivery of course, Virtual Academy will notify students in writing in the event of any of the following:

a) It does not commence the course on the course commencement date;

b) It terminates the course before the course commencement date;

c) It does not complete the course by the course completion date;

d) It terminates the course before the course completion date;


Within 3 working days, Virtual Academy will inform students in writing the alternative study arrangement (if any). If students decide to withdraw in such case, students will be refunded 100% of Course Fees and any Miscellaneous Fees paid.

If the Student withdraws from the course for any reason other than those stated above, Virtual Academy will not entertain any refunds.

The refund process time excludes the time taken for processing by the bank. All refunds will be paid directly to the student only, unless written and signed instruction is provided by the student to pay the refund to an account belonging to a person other than the student.


1. Will there be graduation ceremony?

Yes. There will be a planned graduation ceremony for the students of the Advanced Certificate programs at the Whistling Woods campus in Mumbai.

2. Will I have access to the Whistling Woods Alumni Database?

If you have successfully completed an Advanced Certificate Programs, you shall have access to the WWI Alumni database. Module Certificate Program participants will not have access to the database.

3. When can I receive my certificate of graduation/completion?

The official certificates will typically be available within 3 weeks after your course completion.


1. What discount can I avail on the Advanced Certificate program if I have completed a certificate program?

Completion of a certificate program will earn you a 10% discount on the Advanced Certificate programs.