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Becoming an independent film producer – should you take an online filmmaking course?

Starting off as an Independent Film Producer is an exciting journey to embark upon, but at the same time it brings along a plethora of challenges too. As an Independent Producer, you will be turning ideas into stories, stories into finished films, and everything in between – including arranging and managing of funds, film promotions and distribution, and overseeing each aspect throughout the filmmaking process. Our Advanced Certificate Program in Filmmaking at WWI Virtual Academy focuses on developing your creative skills, technical knowledge, and overall understanding of the entire Filmmaking process to help you pursue your passion with ease.

Role of an Independent Film Producer
The role of an Independent Film Producer may vary from project to project, depending on the budget, project type, and the producer. Independent films usually do not have budgets as high as studio films; hence the Producer takes on multiple jobs.

An Independent Producer is pretty much involved in everything right from the selection of the scripts, selecting the cast and crew, approving and managing the financial aspects, to the production and post-production processes, as well as the marketing and distribution of the film.


How to become an Independent Film Producer?

1. Get a Filmmaking Certification
Filmmaking involves a culmination of not just the creative prowess but also the technical expertise. Having a professional certification in Filmmaking will not only give you added credibility and a competitive edge but will also help you expand your network in the industry and grow overall as a filmmaker. Learn more about why our online filmmaking course is ideal for you.


2. Start looking for Production Assistant roles
The best way to kick-start your filmmaking career is by working with like-minded individuals. As a Production Assistant, you will be assisting the senior-level producers around the set, running errands, and making sure everything runs smoothly. Being on the sets with experienced people from the industry will give you a chance to observe their advanced knowledge of filmmaking techniques and production style.


3. Get relevant work experience
Getting a hand-on experience on sets is the best way to take the first step as an Independent Film Producer. The network made and knowledge garnered from your previous work experiences will come handy during your first Independent project as a Producer.


4. Consume trending, and critically acclaimed content
It is important for an Independent Film Producer to keep an eye on industry trends, as well as get a deeper understanding of work that has been appreciated by audiences and critics in the past. Consuming relevant content will expand your knowledge of the industry and how different filmmakers work. If you’re looking for movies to begin with, check our short film recommendations for every aspiring filmmaker.


5. Find your filmmaking style
Filmmaking styles are recognizable film techniques used by filmmakers to add specific value to their work. It can include all aspects in making a film ranging from sound, editing, dialogues to the filmmaker’s attitude. As an Independent Film Producer, it is essential for you to find your distinctive filmmaking style that will help you voice out your idea in a more concise manner, hence making the film entirely yours!


6. Study other filmmakers and their styles
Once you have decided on your filmmaking style, check out different filmmakers that have or had a vision similar to yours and study them. Watching their work and learning about their unique filmmaking style will help you manifest yours. Check out the filmmakers that inspire us the most with their unique filmmaking styles.


7. Hone your craft and skills
Communication is one of the key skills that any producer must have. Even a small communication error can lead to adverse results. Collaboration, decisiveness, and creativity are few other traits of a good filmmaker that an Independent Film Producer must regularly practice.


8. Create your own short films
Creating your own short films will help you get a better understanding of all aspects of Filmmaking from the beginning till the end. If you want to step in the industry, find a story you love, or even write it yourself if you can and start producing. Your first project need not necessarily have high budgets, and the hands on experience you will gain will be beneficial for your career. You can make use of online platforms or film festivals to submit your short film.


9. Develop your interpersonal skills
As a Film Producers you have to interact with pretty much everyone involved in the filmmaking process, right from the Director to the crewmembers. Developing your interpersonal skills will help you maintain stronger relationships as you communicate and collaborate with others better.


While there is no singular path to becoming an Independent Film Producer, these are certain steps you can take to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction. Learn more about the nuances of the filmmaking process and how you can step into the world of Independent Film Producing by enrolling for our Advanced Certificate Program in Filmmaking.