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Aspire to be a filmmaker? here are 6 reasons why Virtual Academy’s online filmmaking course is ideal for you.

Passion is the fuel that drives filmmaking, and with the will and skill to follow through it, you can become a filmmaker. But what sets apart the people who are successful? It is the ability to transform their vision, with the right knowledge and skills through successful execution of their vision.

The best way to tap into this execution is to practice your craft in a structured manner. At Virtual Academy, we work to enable aspiring filmmakers to learn at their own pace. Given that the class is online and can be done anywhere, geographical, income & time barriers don’t exist. Here is how you can benefit from our Advanced Filmmaking Program and take your Filmmaking / Content creation aspirations to next level:


1. Hone your skills at your own convenience
Explore the world of filmmaking in your preferred environment and at your own pace. Our online program allows you to begin your journey with one year of immersive learning from the best in the industry and the renowned faculty of Whistling Woods International & other industry experts.


2. 60 hours of video content
We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing comprehensive training across all spectrums of Filmmaking. Whether it is scriptwriting that intrigues you or the technical nuances behind making a film, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to learn towards achieving optimum success with 60 hours of pure course content through video lectures across various sections of Screenwriting, Editing, Direction, Cinematography, Sound Design, Producing & Q&A sessions with industry experts.


3. 20+ Film Interactions
Our unique filmmaking program gives you access to Industry expert interactions and Panel discussions with renowned names of the film fraternity like Karan Johar, Rohit Shetty, Aamir Khan, Resul Pokkutty and many more.Gain a new perspective on the nuanced aspects of filmmaking from conceptualizing, to execution, and the larger vision of the industry leaders.


4. 10+ Live Sessions
Learn from the seasoned Industry Experts with frequent and interactive live sessions. Get a real-time learning experience with our esteemed alumni, engage with like-minded learners, and gain a deeper understanding of the application of the syllabus. Pre-recorded sessions with experts are also made available to all students of our Filmmaking Program.


5. Specialized on-campus workshops
Make the most out of our Advanced Filmmaking Program with an option to attend specialized at the Mumbai campus of Whistling Woods International. This gives you a chance to network as well as meet the faculty of the School.


6. Zero cost EMI option
We make it easier for you to pursue your dream with our zero-cost EMI option. Enrol and learn with easy installments and no additional charges with our Advanced Filmmaking Program.


After finishing the course, you’ll be awarded an Advanced Certificate from Whistling Woods International and be considered an alumnus of Whistling Woods International with access to the alumni of the School thereby opening up opportunities to network within the industry.

Pave your path into the world of filmmaking. To know more about our course, click here: