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Writing for Web Series

Key Highlights


Advanced Certificate Program in Series Writing from WWI

Financial aid

Pay in easy 6 EMIs


Conducted by renowned TV & Web Writers


Advanced Certificate Program in Series Writing from WWI

Financial aid

Pay in easy 6 EMIs


Conducted by renowned TV & Web Writers


Mentored by Industry Professional on one-to-one basis


Create a Show Bible for a Web Series

Access to content

1 year


Mentored by Industry Professional on one-to-one basis


Create a Show Bible for a Web Series

Access to content

1 year

Course Overview and Structure:

This is an online weekend Web Series writing course, which will be conducted over 24 Weekends, or 6 months. Each Saturday and Sunday we will have 4 -6 hour sessions, and on some days it might be 8- hour sessions. Apart from these classes, students would be expected to read study material and write during the week to prepare themselves for Guest Lectures and Feedback on their writing.

Course Objectives

The course will be writing-intensive, with theory instruction and mentorship from leading TV/Web screenwriters, running parallel with the writing schedule.

Students will come away not only with the knowledge of episodic writing but also with

    • A pitch-ready Bible for a Finite Fiction series of 8 episodes of 40 minutes each, with scope for the second season.
    • A pitch for a 30-min Comedy Format Web Series
    • A pitch for 12-min Episodic format Web Series

Course Highlights

During the programme, participants will go through the complete process of creating a Show Bible for a web series – starting with ideation, creating unforgettable characters, expanding the idea into a broad story, plotting it over 8 episodes and writing the screenplay of the Pilot Episode.


Renowned TV & Web Writers come regularly during the term and conduct masterclasses with the students during the two terms. In this one-day session, the writers share their writing practice, their inspirations, their writing technique, and show examples from their shows and explain principles to the students.


Students also get masterclasses from screenwriter-teacher Anjum Rajabali on Mythology, on the Mahabharata, and on Psychology. There will also be an in-depth session on the importance of Navrasa in Indian dramaturgy by screenwriter-teacher, independent filmmaker and script consultant Ashwini Malik.


Mentoring: Students will be mentored by industry professionals on a one-on-one basis.



    • Show Bible for a 40 minute, 8 Episode Web series.
    • A pitch for a 30-min Comedy Format Web Series
    • A pitch for 12-min Episodic format Web Series
    • Screening and analysis of web – series.
    • Reading and analysis of Screenplays and show – bibles of web/tv series.
    • Writing Exercises for ideation, character development and plotting of web – series.

Readings and References:

    • A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen
    • The Art of Dramatic Writing, by Lajos Egri
    • The Mahabharata: A Modern Retelling, by Ramesh Menon

Apart from this, the students will read screenplays and show–bibles of different web series.


These modules will run parallelly with each other to help the students in better understanding of screenwriting principles.

Salient features of Web Series writing

The first step in writing a web series is understanding the format. How is web series writing different from Novel, Film, or TV writing? How do you know if an idea is well-suited for a Web series? How to convert the idea into a premise?  And how to flesh out that premise into a long-format story?


How to write characters that feel human and relatable enough to make viewers forget that they aren’t real? How to explore the complexities, unresolved issues and multiple dimensions of the character’s personality to ensure that his/her engagement with the plot remains vigorous and continues to expose hidden layers of the character over a long narrative? What is a character arc and how does that define the structure of the series? How to create a multitude of characters to exist and interact harmoniously with each other over the course of a season?

Broad story and Milestones

How to write a show where the characters decide their own fate, for better or worse.The students will learn to keep the stakes of drama high by strengthening and pressing on the intentions and obstacles of their characters that creates the friction and tension needed to create a strong screenplay.

Episodic Structure

What is the best episode structure to effectively tell the character’s stories? How does each ensemble character in the web series relate to, or affect the main character? How to build character development naturally into the series.

Pilot Screenplay

Pilots are crucial for hooking an audience and setting up your characters and storyline for an entire season. This module helps the students in writing a pilot screenplay that explains the story world and its characters and ends in a way to make the audience want more.


Screening, Analysis, and Reading Screenplays of Mini-Series

Through the screening and analysis of multiple web–series across different genres, the students will develop an understanding of how characters are introduced? How is each episode structured? How do plot elements unfold over a season? What does one mean by cliff-hangers? And most importantly, how does a show create enough drama to grab the viewer’s attention for that long?


A great pitch is well-structured, visual, and quickly and easily conveys your show’s concept and central characters. This module helps the students to learn how to pitch their show in 5-10 minutes.

Certificate Programs

What kind of certification will I obtain from this program?

On successful completion of all the courses included in this program, the user shall be given a certificate from Whistling Woods International. You can download the certificate in the form of a PDF.

Is there a specific time limit for this program?

There is no specific time limit or schedule to do a module-based program such as this one. However, the access period to the platform is 1 Year.

How many hours of study are required to complete this program?

This is a module-based program, so there is no specific schedule to adhere to

Is there any financial aid available for this program?

Yes, click here to know how

What are the key topics covered in this program?

Please refer to the curriculum tab on the course page of the program.

Program fee:
INR 95,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Eligibility Criteria: 18 + years of age

Entrance Process:

Along with the application, the students need to submit a one-page synopsis of either – Little Things Season 1, Episode 1(Available on Netflix Or Paatal Lok Season 1 Episode 1 (Available on Prime Video

This synopsis would be evaluated for final selection


Fee Structure:

  1. Full Course Fees of Rs 95,000/ (GST included) can be paid in 2 instalments as below:

         On Registration:   Rs 15000/-

         By April 30, 2021:   Rs 80000/-

  1. In 6-month EMI options through our finance partners – FinancePeer or Eduvanz.
    EMI options provided by both are the same – 6 payments of Rs 16,433/- each month.

         To use FinancePeer, click here

         To explore Eduvanz, click here

Content Duration

6 Months

Learning structure

Online Weekend Course


On PC, mobile

Access period

1 Year

Mode of instruction



Complete all the modules in the Program successfully to obtain this recognition

    • Connect with a wide network of learners & professionals
    • Take a step towards discovering the world of filmmaking
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