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5 Ways to improve your creative writing skills

Have you recognised your passion for creative writing but don’t know how to proceed? Don’t worry because if you’ve got a creative mind and will to learn, then all you need is the right guidance and lots of practice. While you may think that writing small pieces is enough if you want to make it big as a writer you need to know how to improvise using language as well as imagination. Since writing is less of a science and more of an art, it requires creativity, innovation, and dedication to succeed.

Let’s look at some tips and tricks to help you improve your creative writing:


Be a grammar nerd
Common misspellings like “its” and “it’s”, “lose” and “loose”, “affect” and “effect” can negatively impact your writing and make you come across as inexperienced. Similarly, grammar mistakes can break your building career at times. Sure, often conversational writing demands some rule-breaking but in most cases, it is best to stick to the right spellings and grammar if you want to be a credible writer. So next time, before you send out anything, check again to make sure all errors are addressed.


Exclude all flowery prose and unnecessary adjectives or adverbs
The magic of literary excellence lies in strong verbs. Use minimum adjectives to create impactful writing. For instance:

1. He ran quickly to catch the thief.
2. He chased the thief.

Which sentence do you think sounds better? For most people, the answer is the second one. Keep your sentences short, punchy and simple. Using the right verbs will improve your writing rather than adding unnecessary adjectives or adverbs. When you’re writing a screenplay, use colourful and visual words and keep it in the active voice.


Join a workshop or get formal training
Working on your passion with like-minded people can be fun. You can join a writing workshop or be a part of Virtual Academy to learn the tricks of the trade. You will learn the basics as well as get experts tips on writing screenplay. The various writing exercises will also boost your confidence and take you one step closer to achieving your dream.


Conversational writing
Today, formal writing isn’t the norm anymore. Whether it’s online or offline, most people prefer a conversational tone. Learn how to embrace this style in your writing. Simple things like including questions or adding the word ‘You’ can transform your writing and include your reader in the scene.


Leverage your love for movies
If you love movies, then why not use them to benefit your passion? Pick any two movies you love and choose your favourite scenes in each of them. Next, combine the two scenes and figure out your own storyline. Include all the characters from the scenes in your script. You can either make it super exciting with lots of action and adventure or write a simple story. There’s no one way. But it is a great exercise to harness your writing skills and creativity.

In creative skills, there’s always scope for improvement. In fact, improvement is a common sign of great authors and famous creative writers. Most importantly, practice empathy in your writing to create nourishing content that engages and inspires your readers.

Mastering the art of writing takes time, so be patient because that is one trait you will need to have when you pursue a creative career.