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5 Reasons why you need to enrol for our advanced filmmaking program

A truly brilliant filmmaker understands their team members’ roles as well as they understand their own! With this as its central principle, Virtual Academy’s Advanced Filmmaking Program offers you over 60 hours of training in a curriculum curated by industry experts. Perks include access to the vast library stocked with masterclasses by filmmaking legends. Should you need more convincing, we’ve rounded up five compelling reasons every aspiring filmmaker should enrol for our Advanced Filmmaking Program.


1. Learn filmmaking, anytime, anywhere
The beauty of online courses is that you can learn on your time, without being limited by geographical or time constraints. This flexibility can be a great boon, especially for students and working professionals, letting you learn without disrupting your daily schedule.


2. Live Sessions
The Virtual Academy by Whistling Woods International is a noted name in the film fraternity and as such, our faculty members are amongst the most learned and experienced names in the industry. With our Advanced Filmmaking Program, you’ll have access to frequent live sessions with our faculty members.


3. On-campus workshops
We have various film-related workshops periodically, with the known faces from the industry. As part of this course, you will have privileged access to our Whistling Woods International Mumbai campus to attend these specialised workshops.


4. Certification and a discount of Adobe
As an established filmmaking institute, the certification that we give upon completion of the Advanced Filmmaking Program can bolster your skillset. We also give you a very good deal on our favourite filmmaking applications, Adobe Premiere Pro. You can look forward to a whole 50% off!


5. You’re doing what you love!
There is no greater joy than doing what you’re passionate about. In this course, you will be taught by people just as passionate as you are about filmmaking, and believe us, that can make all the difference in the world!

To know more about the course, click here. https://wwivirtualacademy.com/filmmaking/