5 Professions that can benefit from an online filmmaking program

The advantage of learning filmmaking and creating video-based content is that its core principles can be applied to several professional fields that fall outside the domain of making a movie, TV show, documentary, etc. In this article, we take a look at how people from various walks of life may benefit from WWI Virtual Academy’s 1 year Advanced Certificate in Filmmaking.


1. Digital Marketers and Designers
When it comes to the digital medium, eye-catching pictures can help your brand stand out. And that’s where our module on Cinematography and Still Photography come into play – with detailed chapters on lighting, framing, and lens types, this will equip you with the skills required to capture riveting pictures, without having to rely on anybody else! As a designer, our module on Editing can be of great help in creating engaging videos – by getting a closer look at the different shot types, transitions, and the basic editing process, putting a video together will be easier. After all, video-based content is what rules the digital space today.


2. Hospitality Professionals and Restaurateurs
Craft a menu that is studded with artistically curated photographs of your most delicious-looking dishes and tempt your patrons! Our chapters on focusing, composition, exposure and metering can be of great help here in ensuring you get that perfect shot. We also cover the basics of lighting, taking you through the fundamentals of artificial and natural light and how these can be manipulated for the best possible picture. With these principles, you could also give your guests a sneak peek at what goes behind the scenes by shooting videos of your chefs at work in the kitchen, or even ones where they share simple recipes! When edited with the right techniques as our various chapters on Editing can show you, these snippets can be great additions to your brand’s social media pages as well as your website.


3. Videographers
Through our various modules, familiarize yourself with the different aspects of putting together a captivating video. With the Screenwriting module, you will dive into the importance of storytelling along with the different modes through which stories can be told while Pre-Production will take you on what goes into coming up with a story or developing a video script, be it through novel adaptations, historical events or your own original ideas. Through Cinematography and Editing, learn how to use the right gear while shooting and get a better understanding of the different types of shots that can utilised while assembling your video into a seamless whole.


4. Bloggers and Influencers
Beautifully shot images and compelling video-based content are taking over the digital space today and the quickest way to stand out is through the quality of your photos and videos. As a fashion or lifestyle influencer, colors can play a huge role in adding vibrancy to your feed, be it a simple outfit-of-the-day photo, a room tour, or a glimpse at your closet, which can best be done through a mix of photo and video content. As a travel blogger, panoramic shots of natural landscapes, timelapse videos of the sky, or stop-motion videos of food are all great ways to get noticed – natural lighting, be it sunlight or moonlight, can play a huge role in making each of these content pieces pop when used right, and the basics of these are all explored through the chapters in our Editing and Cinematography and Still Photography modules.


5. Technology and Product Start-ups
Product marketing can play a major role in business development for startups and this is best done through product pictures. Angles, lighting, and framing need to be kept in mind while clicking product pictures, since these need to give your consumer the right idea about your product and its uses. Understand the science of still photography, exposure, compositions, and other aspects through the Cinematography and Still Photography module while the Editing module will equip you with the skills to further enhance your product images and make them pop. When posted on social media or your website, these images work to tell your brand story and create a strong brand identity. As a professional, the skills you learn through these modules can be of immense help in creating video-based digital presentations that are extremely engaging, given that these hold the audience’s attention more than a presentation with only text and static images.


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