A first of its kind e-learning platform, WWI Virtual Academy teaches you about the different facets involved in filmmaking and media, through a series of video-based lectures. The course we offer has been designed and prepared by the renowned faculty of Whistling Woods International. If you're ready to follow your passion, our course will provide you with foundation level knowledge in the primary areas of filmmaking, i.e. Cinematography, Direction, Editing, Producing, Screenwriting and Sound Design.

What You Will Learn at WWI Virtual Academy


A film director guides the film’s dramatic, aesthetic and artistic aspects. He/she visualises the script and advises the actors and technical crew for the fulfilment of a cinematic vision. A director plays a crucial role in the pre-production as well as the post-production of the film. It is his/her duty to curate the entire process of filmmaking. If your passion is to be a director, this course, facilitated by the best directors and film masters of India and abroad, will provide you with valuable insights on how to set a cinematic vision and work towards it.

The Direction module covers:

Role of Directors & Assistant Directors
Visual Storytelling
Theory of Continuity
Creating Shot Breakdowns
Directing Actors


Film editing is the technical and creative part of the post-production process of filmmaking. Along with screenwriters and directors, editors also play a crucial role in telling a story. They practice the technique of assembling shots together in a coherent sequence, while adding effects to the same. Film editors work with different aspects of the narrative- story, dialogues, music and more. At WWI Virtual Academy, you will learn from well-known editors, about the various roles and duties that a film editor is responsible for.

The module in Editing covers:

Role of Editors
Selection, Order & Duration of Shots
Introduction to FCP
Dialogue & Montage Editing
Advanced Concepts of Editing


A good film is only as good as its story. At WWI Virtual Academy, you will get a chance to learn what exactly a screenplay writer does, and how scripts are written, from the best in the industry. Here you will get exposure to various script-writing styles. Through creative use of words, you will be able to convey the emotion of a character and tell a story. Having a great screenplay is what makes the film move forward. If you want to visually tell a story, then this is the course for you!

The Screenwriting module covers:

Elements of Screenplay
Writing story for Screenplay
Structure of Screenplay
Film Plot
Character Evolution & Conflict

Filmmaking is a democratic art. Like we have different faces, we have different sensibilities, which come across in our films.

Subhash Ghai


The role of a cinematographer is constantly changing due to innovation in technology and trends that are capturing the attention of the audience. Cinematographers are in charge of the camera, lighting and grip crew. When you study Cinematography at WWI Virtual Academy, our expert faculty will help you understand the role of a director of photography. With innovative tools of learning assessment, you will gain valuable insights into this primary field of filmmaking.

The Cinematography module covers:

Role of Cinematographers
Impact of Lighting & Types of Lights
Lensing & Compositions
Camera Movement & Technicalities
Filters & Colours


Often, Producers are the first people involved in the making of a film. They play a vital role in the pre-production process of filmmaking. They are the ones who bring together the creative team- the director, cinematographer, production designer and the cast. At WWI Virtual Academy, production experts from the mainstream industry help you learn the tricks of the trade. If you have a good business sense as well as a creative vision, then probably Producing is where your true calling lies!

The Producing module covers:

Role of Producers
Resource & Allocation Management
Pitching, Planning & Scheduling
Budgeting Finance Accounting
Marketing, Distribution & Exhibition

Sound Design:

Sound adds effects to a story. With Sound Design, you will learn about the importance of sound in film production. The smooth sequence of shots we often see in films is created with the help of sound. Sound design accentuates the emotion and bridges two scenes together. It also includes dialogues, FX, music and ambience sounds. At WWI Virtual Academy, you will be able to understand the different aspects of sound design from the industry stalwarts and use the latest technology that helps you produce extraordinary sound effects.

The Sound Design module covers:

Introduction to sound designing, Basic Principles,
Recording chain sound, Soundtrack,
Track Laying
Projection Audio Formats,
Mic to Screen

At WWI Virtual Academy, we believe in giving you the full picture. Apart from the specific modules mentioned above, our course will also provide you some insight into subjects such as International Arts, Literature and Culture, Production Design, Music and Film Analysis. Our course also offers your flexibility, and you can choose to complete the programme within 6 months or spread it over a span of 12 months, based on your own convenience. So, don’t miss this opportunity to follow your filmmaking dreams!

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